Minify: Auto Compress and Combine JS and CSS Files in Nginx

Minify JS and CSS in Nginx

Pull the latest version of Minify library from

Copy the “min” directory to the document root (generally www or public_html)

Add the following variables to min/config.php if you planned to keep “min” folder somewhere else:

// Set the document root to be the path of the "site root"
$min_documentRoot = '/path/to/root/directory/for/your/domain'; 
// Set $sitePrefix to the path of the site from the webserver's real docroot
list($sitePrefix) = explode('/min/index.php', $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'], 2);
// Prepend $sitePrefix to the rewritten URIs in CSS files
$min_symlinks['//' . ltrim($sitePrefix, '/')] = $min_documentRoot;
Add the following code into your nginx configuration:
rewrite  ^/min/([a-z]=.*) /min/index.php?$1  last;
The same result can be obtained by using two different perl libraries for CSS and JS. THe instructions to setup and configuration can be found at

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  1. Hi Indude, Thanks for this – saved me some time. You missed a parenthesis in the rewrite. Good luck surfing!

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