What if you lost or misplaced a mobile phone in India?

Yesterday I lost a mobile phone (Xolo Q700) when I was surfing some real estate agents in Delhi. When I discovered that the my is lost, I immediately blocked both the SIMs (it was a dual sim phone) by visiting my nearby Airtel Office with an ID Proof and a photograph (Original and Copy both), I also bought the duplicate SIMs on the same spot for Rs.25 each. The airtel executive told me to wait for 4 hours before the SIMs get functional.

Lost Xolo Q700

File an FIR with Police

Atleast by now, I could receive important calls with the aforesaid steps. Now comes the legal part. I visited my nearest Delhi Police Station and requested for an information and documents required for reporting a misplaced mobile phone. The attendant police officer on the reception asked me to bring Phone Invoice, ID Proof and an application. The application should include all sort of information about how your phone got misplaced, IMEI numbers etc, he said.

After writing the application and collecting the other two required documents, I headed again to the police station and submitted the documents as they requested. After they reviewed my case and writing the same on their books, they asked me to go to the adjoining¬†Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA) room to get the original FIR copy. The guy there asked me IMEIs, Address, Name (though it was already in the application) and I was handed the FIR copy within 15 minutes, after that I got it stamped and signed from receptionist officer, and yipee! it’s done. It was a smooth process all in all.

Trace Mobile using IMIE

At the time of writing this post, my phone is still coming switched off (I tried both the numbers). If it’s really got stolen, I’m sure they will get it formatted from a nearby mobile shop and use their own SIM. Then comes the role of Delhi Police, as soon as phone sends signals to any service provider’s tower nearby with my reported IMEI, the phone will get traced.

I already requested Google Device Manager (thankfully I activated it soon after it was launched this year) to wipe out the device, send me the phone location and make a loud sound when someone switches on my phone in it’s original state while being online. I doubt someone will connect to the internet when my phone and SIMs were locked with very secured key phrases.

Tips to secure a phone

By following the below tips, I’m sure the damages in case of a lost mobile could be minimized.

  • Activate Google Device Manager
  • Install Wheres my Droid application, which is already being used by 85K peoples right now.
  • Always keep in record of your IMEI numbers (You can get it by dialing *#06# )
  • Make manual complete backups of your smartphone on regular basis.
  • Always fully encrypt your phone and SD Card.
  • Enable PIN lock on your SIM
  • Use a strong password and set it to auto lock every 10 seconds when Idle.
  • Use Cloud Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive.
  • Enable google syncing with Gmail, Contacts, Calendar and Settings
  • Use Auto-uploads feature of Google+, Dropbox, Flickr applications.
  • Use auto backup applications like Titanium Backup Pro, Helium, MyBackupPro, Carbon or Nandroid to auto backup to cloud.
  • Use¬†SMS Backup + or SMS Backup & Restore to backup SMSes and Call logs to cloud.

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