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It is one of the cheapest yet reliable host I’ve ever seen, my personal experience.

Linode is an unmanaged VPS hosting provider with a good track record and many popular sites use it as a hosting provider. They do not provide any managed services. You may want to ask the Linode community what management solutions other customers use and recommend.

Number of IP Addresses

All of our plans include one IP address. Additional IP addresses can be purchased provided there is technical justification for doing so. Each additional IP address is $1 per month

Additional Bandwidth

Additional bandwidth can be purchased in 100GB blocks for $10 per block per month. However, they simply bill at a rate of $0.15 per gigabyte of data for any bandwidth overages.

Additional RAM

If you did a full plan upgrade from a 1536 to a 2048 that would be an additional $20 per month. To just upgrade the RAM would require a 360MB and 180MB extra package for a total of $30 more per month.

Upgrading and Downgrading Plans

Upgrading or downgrading between plans can be done through the Linode Manager web interface. To resize up all you need to do is power your Linode down, select your new plan size, and then power your Linode back on once the resize completes. The downgrade process is mostly the same, except you may have to shrink your disk images down to fit the new plan size before starting the resize process.

Burstable RAM

They do not offer “burstable” RAM as we use Xen for virtualization of Linodes. The resources assigned to your Linode are guaranteed and cannot be shared or bursted. There isn’t any way to bypass your¬† allotted memory or disk resources.

Daily Backups

Their Backup Service is an additional cost which depends upon the Linode plan:

Monitoring of Servers

As an unmanaged provider, they don’t perform any monitoring of individual Linodes. However, our system administration team goes to great lengths to monitor the health and state of our equipment ensuring that our hardware is operating correctly. You’re free to set up any monitoring software that you would like or reach out to a third-party for another solution.

Event Notifications

We offer customizable alert notifications in the case that your Linode is consuming a large amount of bandwidth or disk IO usage. However, as an unmanaged provider, the internal configuration and operability of your Linode is completely your responsibility. Any large maintenance or service-affecting problems would be posted on our status blog at:


A complete listing of our base plans can be found at:

The extras that can be added to an account are priced as follows:

$5 for 90MB of additional RAM per month
$10 for 100GB of bandwidth per month
$2 per 1GB of additional disk space per month
$1 per additional IP address per month

Bandwidth overages are charged at $0.15 per gigabyte at the end of the month.

Promotional Code

They do offer a 10% discount for annual payment and a 15% discount for biennial payment.

Tutorials/ Help

You’re free to reach out to their active user community for assistance getting started. Many of their customers are system administrators and IT professionals who can offer excellent advice. You can find more information about our forum and IRC channel at:

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  • Excellent Documentation:

Thanks to Peter Sandin and Eric O’Callaghan from Support.

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