Is it legal to use Call Recording Apps in mobile phones in India?

The Indian law doesn’t provide a clear answer to recording one’s own conversations without the consent of second party.

If a telephonic conversation was unilaterally recorded by one of its participant (or, possibly, with their consent) without obtaining the consent of the other(s), it is possible that the non-consenting party/parties could claim that their right to privacy was violated. It is doubtful that such a claim would be successful if the recording were executed by one of the parties to the conversation as there appears to be no legal bar on recording one’s own conversations.

If, however, the recording was executed through a third party, it is possible that the party/parties who did not consent to the recording of the conversation would have a stronger claim that their privacy had been violated, as the mere act of recording would presumably amount to the disclosure of the content of the conversation to a person who was not a party to it.

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