My horrible experience with XOLO after-sales service in Delhi

Over the last few years, Indian companies are trying their luck in the Indian smartphone market. Few of them are even able to stand next to global giant Samsung in terms market share.

Samsung had 35% market share in Q1 2014, followed by Micromax (15%), Karbonn (10%), LAVA (6%) and Nokia (4%). 

What made them grab that much of market share? It’s the value for money factor. Do they care about after-sales service? At least Xolo don’t as far as my experience goes with them. The only USP for mobile phones from these Indian smartphone makers/importers is price. That’s what made me to curious to buy a Xolo Q700 smartphone from Lava on June 21, 2013 to check what do they deliver for Rs.9640 with specifications more than the other brands in India.

The phone served me good for one year without any hiccups but the problem started when last month the screen broke after it fell from a bed facing the screen directly on a granite ground.

I submitted the device on 20/6/2014 to “F1 Info Solutions and Services aka Best Services, G1 and G2, Netaji Subhash Palace, Pitampura, Delhi” an authorized XOLO service center with Code 7970 and got in return a job sheet with workorder number 310000524959 and a mobile number (9311227080) to check the job status. I was quoted an approximate time of 10-15 days because the company was short on touch+display panel of Q700 and Rs.3018 as the amount due when I’ll receive the repaired phone, I believed them and agreed to handover the device. So far so good.

After waiting for good 2 weeks (In the meantime, I was in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore filling individual college application forms on behalf of my sister), I called the given number on job sheet to ask for the status, the lady on the other side again asked me to wait for a week or two, she herself want sure about the time it could take replace the screen.

Few days later, the service centre tried to offer me XOLO Q700S instead, which i refused to accept because it was low on specifications, having low screen resolution and low battery capacity than the phone I owned. I said them to repair my phone or return the phone as it is if part’s not available. Then they quoted me again a month of time to receive my original handset either in working or non-working state and asked me to call their manager @ 9212347080 but all my calls were going unanswered on that particular day.

Why they couldn’t tell me the real estimate time needed? It’s really a shame on either service centre or company front for dealing this badly with a customer. Next time I can’t think of owning a Xolo device and would never suggest friends and family to buy one.

It’s been around 2 months (58 days) as of now (18/8/2014), and I’m still hoping to receive the device back. Right now, I’m using a backup basic feature phone which is missing the goodness of Google maps, gmail, calendar, feedly, dropbox, reddit and twitter. I think I’d need to replace my backup phone with a smartphone from some reliable company very soon keeping in view my usage.

XOLO Service Job Sheet
XOLO Service Job Sheet

I hope the new global entrants in the Indian smartphone market like Xiaomi, Oppo and Gionee would deal with these kinda after-sales issues more professionally and lay strict terms & conditions and quality check while granting a “service center” status to any outsider firm.

Update (4/9/2014) : Just called the service center again, the lady there asked me to call Mr. Chandan (9560394003) from Xolo, but he is on leave today (thursday) and asked me to call tomorrow. And thereafter called Mr. Gaurav (9716700007) who was traveling at that time and asked me to leave a message with work order number, which I did.

Update (8/9/2014): While i was at my new office site which was under a complete renovation, Mr. Gaurav Kapoor, the regional service manager at Lava International, called me asking me about the person I’m dealing with from service centre which I was not sure about, he then confrenced a call with the service centre owner regarding my issue while keeping me on hold and then assured me that the issue will resolved within 2 days. While asking about this mishap, he told he’ll investigate. Only this time I felt a nice customer support I was craving for from this company.

Update (8/9/2014): Received a text message from AM-LAVAMO at 10:13PM, Dear Customer, Expected delivery date for the product submitted vide notification number 310000732508 will be 11/9/2014. For any query call us at 9311447080.

Update (10/9/2014): Looks like my little effort paid off, just received a call from service centre at 5pm asking me to collect the phone while I was on my way to shop for few items from chandni chowk market. I’ll visit them tomorrow morning.

Did I tell you guys about my new smartphone which is yet to reach my hands? It’s Xiaomi’s Redmi 1S. Yes, I was able to buy it from their first flash sale (2/9/2014) on flipkart. I know this channel of sale sucks a big time and over hypes the phone, but I was getting best bang for the buck with this device.

Update (11/9/2014): So finally the service centre today was able to return my a phone back with model number Q700i which supports same specifications as Q700 but a better camera, so I happily accepted it as my backup phone. Flipkart also delivered me a Redmi 1S today :D which I’ll use as a mainstream phone from now on. Thanks Gaurav, this wouldn’t have been possible without you coming in the picture. I’m sad at the same time thinking about hundreds of people who are facing issues like I did without reaching the right person (if there’s any) from the company.

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  1. I purchase zolo Hive new smart phone. but
    maine 1 month k under hi screen broken.. i went to the zolo service centre . waha pr after 1 week jan mera phone repair ho kr wapas aaya to uski display hi gayab ho chuki thi… very bad service.. again submitted phone … and abhi tak koi response nhi mila,,,, plz give me my phone status..

    my Product submitted vide Notification No:310000836839
    date ;15/10/2014
    from : uttam nagar
    Delhi 110059

    My current Mobile No: 9971152242.
    very very bad service… :(

    1. Hi Manish,

      That’s a case of physical damage just like mine, it can happen to any smartphone from any brand. Servicing is the main concern, for that you may give them ample time like a week or two, if your complaint’s still not resolved get in touch directly with the company just like i did. By default service centres are very calm down type with customers but when they get directions from the company officials, they have to do it on the priority basis. I hope they’ll resolve your complaint at the earliest.

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