What if your HDFC Bank Netbanking Secure Access rights got locked?

From last few weeks, I was not able to transfer funds from one of my HDFC Bank savings account to my another HDFC current account. Every time I try to proceed with any inter-bank transaction, the page throws an error like “The transaction could not be completed. Please contact Bank.”, I used to transfer my funds the same way months ago but now the netbanking site refuses my every request.

Here’s what bank replied to my concern:

Presently, your NetBanking is active but your Secure Access rights have got locked. Hence you are unable to make online payments/ add a beneficiary.  The Secure Access service gets locked post incorrect answers to the questions or not being able to answer/give the correct verification. For Secure Access activation, you can either

(a) Modify Secure Access Profile – Change Questions & Answers option in NetBanking and confirm   For ll Resident customers and NR Customers with Local/ Resident Mobile Numbers:  Select the Debit Card and input the Debit Card details  Confirm the Mobile number and input the OTP (One Time Password) sent on registered mobile number

(b) Place a request on PhoneBanking

(c) Place a request at Branch   For ll Non-Resident customers with International Mobile Numbers:  OTP send on registered mobile number and e-mail ID  Enter both the OTPs (received on e-mail ID as well as on mobile number) in respective blank fields Post the correct verification of the details, the Bank will unlock your Secure Access rights.  In case if the OTP is inputted incorrectly for 6 times, your OTP facility will get blocked.

For OTP activation, you can either

(a) Place a request on PhoneBanking

(b) Place a request at Branch

To know more about Secure Access,  http://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/ways-to-bank/bank-online/netbanking  Looking forward to your continued patronage & support.   Kindly visit the following URL to access information for the complete address and contact details of our Branches as well as our PhoneBanking numbers:  http://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/find-your-nearest/find-nearest-branch  The above URL gives you access to the various contact points to get in touch with us through the Customer Center.

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  1. Hi, I moved from indian to other country ..i dont have access to my indian phone. To generate OTP , how can i generate.
    Kindly help.

    1. I’ve never been into that situation, may be you could ask your friends or relatives in India to forward you the OTP code as soon as it is arrived. If you lost the number, you seriously need to consider contacting bank about the number update.

  2. Thank You for Banking with Us. We regret to inform you that your Secure Access is blocked. To unblock your Secure Access, please Login to NetBanking and reset your Secure Access questions from the Change Question Answers option available under Third Party Transfer tab. You can also contact PhoneBanking or your nearest HDFC Bank branch.
    kindly help … already reset the secure image and password ‘
    but the same error…HELPPPP

  3. If you are able to login into your netbanking, then login after that, please click the option REQUEST on the left hand side and in that select MODIFY SECURE ACCESS PROFILE after that on the right hand side choose CHANGE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS . After selecting this option you can choose the questions as per your choice and answer them. Later it will ask for ur debit card details like its PIN , EXPIRY DATE followed by OTP with the registered mobile number . Thats it !!

    If you are unable to login through netbanking for the above process, then you would need to contact Phone banking .

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