Clone and Copy a full laptop hard-drive for upgradation

My latest purchased laptop “Asus K53Sc” wasn’t doing good to me from quite a few months. The problem was with power socket on motherboard. The laptop was still under warranty and I requested a product replacement from Asus. The machine was my mainstream laptop and had all my data, very customized settings, customized softwares and more which I did not afford to loose.

That made me look for options to clone my existing hard drive in the current machine to my Western Digital external USB hard drive, so that I can reload the entire system as it is to my replacement laptop.

For me the best option is to use “Acronis True Image WD Edition Software” which is provided free of cost by WD since I already have a WD 1TB hard disk. In addition to that, I would also recommend backup from Windows built-in “System Backup and Restore“, just to be on safe side.

Another good yet free option would be to use a live cd or live drive with CloneZilla ( or Redo Backup and Recovery (


How to Use Clonezilla – Tutorial

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