Beetel Mobile Phones in India

Beetel Mobile

The Beetel mobiles have been launched this year by the Bharti Enterprises group to hit the low price segments of the mobile phones in the Indian market. Altogether 8 models of the Beetel mobiles have been launched involving more attractive features, such as, colorful handsets that are available in different colors like, yellow, blue, etc…, mobiles with QWERTY keyboards, mobiles with dual SIM models, models with FM, camera, mobiles with triple SIM capabilities such as,GSM+CDMA+GSM, mobiles, etc… the price range is kept affordable and it ranges from Rs. 1700 to Rs. 7000 in order to dominate the lower price range segments of the mobile phones.

Beetel Mobile Price

Recently, the mobile phone industries are seeing huge innovations in order to gain the market, thereby dominating the other players. But, they are also planning to launch the high end models in the market at the later stages. The new models of the Beetel mobiles are also offering comfortable access to the social networkingactivities, such as, ‘Facebook’ and it is also supporting mobile portal browser activities, such as, Yahoo, Opera mini, etc… they have also developed an extensive service center facilities across the country.

Beetel Mobile Handsets

India is known for its young population and hence, there is no doubt about the business opportunities for the Beetel mobiles. The most common features expected by the people, comprise of battery durability, extendable memory capacity and support capability, application driven model, updated models with up-to-date features and benefits, and of course style, compatibility and fashionable outlooks also play a major role in the success of the mobile phones.

Another imperative feature would be the cost factor, as in India, majority of the population that makes the mobile business, a huge hit would obviously belong to themiddle class family categories. Thus, cost effective models would definitely make a big difference in the mobile business, especially if a new model is launched in the market, which falls into the category of marketing strategy called as ‘market penetration’, the cost effectiveness becomes very significant. The first phase of the beetel mobiles that are launched comprises of almost, all the features that are described above.

Beetel Mobile Phones

Hence, by seeing its objectives, we could definitely tell that the beetel mobiles have read the pulse of the people in India and definitely could expect a huge market share for it. Nowadays, it is true that the mobile phones have become vital in everyone’s life, and hence, the more the creativity and compatibility in the design of the mobile models, the more the success of the same. At present, the distribution networks would account to around 4000 outlets across the regions of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, etc… and seven other north eastern states in the country. The second phase of the beetel mobiles would be launched later, consisting of more enhanced features and also would be hitting the market with more high-end models and sophisticated business supportive mobile models too.

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