Why Asus India should improve it’s after-sales service

Facts and Figures:

  • Service Centre: Lotus Computech, Azadpur
  • RMA number: 7376425 => INJ9290004
  • Product Type : Notebook
  • Product Model : K53SC
  • Product S/N : B7N0AS142298273
  • Date of Purchase : 25/9/2011
  • Invoice Number: LSB-409917
  • Laptop Deposited in Service Centre: 8/9/2012
  • DOA Declared On: 1 October, 2012
  • DOA Certificate Number: ANN12ADL02011

I suffered from a horrible service experience with Asus India, it’s dealer and service centre and can safely declare it as the company which cares the least about it’s customers.

I purchased my first Asus product K53SC Notebook since at that time the machine was providing decent specifications in my budget. I didn’t know that I would suffer such a bad experience from Asus India guys in case of technical difficulties with my laptop.

The laptop visited service centre more than thrice for it’s motherboard power socket problem and once for LCD. Since my warranty expiration date was approaching I thought to appeal for the replacement of whole machine because I don’t want to suffer from this problematic machine outside the warranty period and incur expenses on it.

I called the toll free Asus customer care number, provided them with my notebook’s date of purchase and serial number. They registered my concern and forwarded it to the nearest service centre. I got a call from service centre and he asked me to come with my notebook so that he can show me the real mechanical defect in my machine. I visited and the problem was wasn’t any physical or accidental abuse, the service centre collected the laptop and gave me a receipt in exchange.

Almost 3 weeks after, i was issued a DOA (Dead on arrival) ┬ácertificate so that I can avail a replacement unit or a cash refund. I contact Modi Sales, Nehru Place, Delhi the same day and asked them the options available to me, they reverted back that my model is discontinued now and I can either choose a different model with similar specs or get an upgraded speced model and pay up the price different. I asked them to provide me only similar speced model, by that time because I already bought a different notebook Samsung NP550 i7 to keep up my work. Modi Sales asked me to wait for few days and since then I’m waiting.

I still did not get any replacement notebook. I need to them everytime myself and they didn’t care to contact me regarding the status or anything themselves.

My current model is discontinued and no other model nearby to it’s cost provide features like this and I don’t want to upgrade out of it and pay the difference. I wasn’t even provided to keep the hard drive for my precious data like financial files, project files etc.

I also requested many technical requests with ID=RWTM201209071455283675-762. [email protected] and [email protected] but in vain, they did not reply.

I am being called a computer guy by friends and families, they inquire with me everytime before buying any gadget and this experience would led to negative reviews from my side and a setback for my friends & family towards Asus products.

Update: As of Jan 22, 2013, I requested Modi Sales again for the replacement, they asked me to wait for 1 more week.

Update: As on June 15, 2013, Modi Sales provided me the replacement laptop K55VD-SX313R after I paid up the differentiating amount Rs.3500. My DOA case is closed now with Asus.

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  1. Hey I wanted to purchase a Asus laptop but reading your review has baffled me, kindly advise me regarding my purchase since Asus is giving me best specifications for my budget. Thank in in anticipation.

    1. Ashish, A bad experience can happen with almost any company in this world which outsource to other companies for it’s different departments handling. I would suggest you give it a try if your purpose is a linux machine or occasional and let me know your experience. Don’t get dependent on it. But be cautious while spending for a performance or gaming machine from Asus.

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