Aadhaar Card Number, Status Tracking & Online Application Procedure

Aadhaar is a unique 12 digit number issued by the government as proof of identity and residence in India. No resident can have a duplicate number since it is linked to their individual.


  • A number(12 Digits)
  • For every individual, including infants
  • Enables identification, and is for every resident
  • Will collect demographic and biometric information to establish uniqueness of individual
  • Voluntary
  • For every resident, irrespective of existing documentation
  • Each individual will be given a single unique ID number
  • UIDAI will enable a universal identity infrastructure that any ID based application like ration card, passport etc. can use
  • UIDAI will give a “Yes” or “No” response for any identification authentication queries


  • Another Card One per family
  • Establishes citizenship and is only for indians
  • Will collect profiling information such as caste, religion, language
  • Mandatory
  • Only for individuals who possess identification documents
  • Individual can obtain multiple AADHAARs AADHAARs will replace all other IDs
  • UIDAI information will be accessible to public and private agencies

Online Registration

People can apply for Aadhar card only by visiting the enrollment centre near to their location. UIDAI doesn’t have any system to register for UID number appointment online just like we’ve in our passport application system.

You need to go any authorized Aadhaar enrollment center anywhere in India with your identity and address proof.

Here’s the list of Aadhaar Enrollment Centers: http://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx


The logo is a sun in red and yellow, with a fingerprint traced across its centre. It represents a new dawn of equal opportunity for each individual, a dawn which emerges from the unique identity the number guarantees for each individual.

The design as submitted by Mr. Atul S. Pande of Pune.


The Aadhaar will become the single source of identity verification. Once residents enrol, they can use the number multiple times – they would be spared the hassle of repeatedly providing supporting identity documents each time they wish to access services such as obtaining a bank account, passport, driving license,andso on.

By providing a clear proof of identity, the Aadhaar will also facilitate entry for poor and underprivileged residents into the formal banking system, and the opportunity to avail services provided by the government and the private sector. The Aadhaar will also give migrants mobility of identity.

It will also provide governments with accurate data on residents, enable direct benefit programs, and allow government departments to coordinate investments and share information.

Status Tracking

Aadhaar Card is one of the most important identification proof and also regarded as the proof of Indian citizenship. Aadhaar Card is a must for every citizen. It is the main importance for every citizen to enroll themselves for the Aadhaar Card.

  1. It is the identity proof.
  2. It is the address proof.
  3. Fee for enrolling in Aadhaar Card is Re. 0
  4. The Twelve digit Unique Identification number can be used for all types of proof.
  5. The number can be verified easily.
  6. Aadhaar Card is so unique that it can verify the authenticity of the Indian citizen and will eliminate all other fake identities if any.
  7. The number provided to the Indian citizen without discriminating sex, caste and religion

Now to Check the status of the Aadhaar card there are few simple guidelines for all to follow according to UIDAI.

  1. An individual should enter the 14 digit Enrolment ID.
  2. Date and Time of Enrolment should be mentioned while checking the status.
  3. The code should be entered.

Now one should submit and then the page will show the Aadhaar Status.

Once the Aadhaar Card is generated it will be received by post.  The card takes several months to reach one’s address via post. In case of emergency, it is always advisable to get the print out of E-Aadhaar Card.

Lenskart British Optics Blue Cut & Super Thin Lenses Review

Lenskart under it’s premium eyeglass lens brand, British Optics, offers three following lenses :

British Optics Premium Thin Anti-Glare (Rs.1800 + Tax)
  • 1.61 Index, Thin lens
  • Anti-Glare
  • Crack Resistant
  • Water repellent
  • UV protective
  • 1 year warranty
British Optics HD UV420 Blue Cut Lens (Rs.2500 + Tax)
  • Blocks harmful blue light from digital devices and prevent strain in eye
  • 1.61 index, Thin Lens
  • Anti-Glare
  • Crack-resistant
  • Water Repellent
  • UV Protective
  • 1 year warranty
British Optics Premium Anti-Glare Super Thin Lens (Rs.3000 + Tax)
  • 1.67 Index, Thinner lenses
  • Anti-Glare
  • Crack Resistant, UV Protective
  • Water Repellent
  • 1 year warranty
  • Submit power within 7 days after checkout – upload photo/fill form/call with our specialists

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HDFC Bank Credit Card Reward Points Redemption

No I'm not Ravi Shankar :D
No I’m not Ravi Shankar :p

I have been a satisfied HDFC Bank customer so far, particularly with their online banking services and customer support. In the last two months of any year, I try to review and maintain all my financial instruments and business strategies in good health. I have been using a HDFC World MasterCard Credit Card, my first ever CC, since January, 2013 and using it on almost every online transaction I do and shopping terminals but never cared about the reward points I am earning or have earned so far. Continue reading “HDFC Bank Credit Card Reward Points Redemption”

What if your HDFC Bank Netbanking Secure Access rights got locked?

From last few weeks, I was not able to transfer funds from one of my HDFC Bank savings account to my another HDFC current account. Every time I try to proceed with any inter-bank transaction, the page throws an error like “The transaction could not be completed. Please contact Bank.”, I used to transfer my funds the same way months ago but now the netbanking site refuses my every request. Continue reading “What if your HDFC Bank Netbanking Secure Access rights got locked?”

What if you lost or misplaced a mobile phone in India?

Yesterday I lost a mobile phone (Xolo Q700) when I was surfing some real estate agents in Delhi. When I discovered that the my is lost, I immediately blocked both the SIMs (it was a dual sim phone) by visiting my nearby Airtel Office with an ID Proof and a photograph (Original and Copy both), I also bought the duplicate SIMs on the same spot for Rs.25 each. The airtel executive told me to wait for 4 hours before the SIMs get functional.

Lost Xolo Q700

File an FIR with Police

Atleast by now, I could receive important calls with the aforesaid steps. Now comes the legal part. I visited my nearest Delhi Police Station and requested for an information and documents required for reporting a misplaced mobile phone. The attendant police officer on the reception asked me to bring Phone Invoice, ID Proof and an application. The application should include all sort of information about how your phone got misplaced, IMEI numbers etc, he said.

After writing the application and collecting the other two required documents, I headed again to the police station and submitted the documents as they requested. After they reviewed my case and writing the same on their books, they asked me to go to the adjoining Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA) room to get the original FIR copy. The guy there asked me IMEIs, Address, Name (though it was already in the application) and I was handed the FIR copy within 15 minutes, after that I got it stamped and signed from receptionist officer, and yipee! it’s done. It was a smooth process all in all.

Trace Mobile using IMIE

At the time of writing this post, my phone is still coming switched off (I tried both the numbers). If it’s really got stolen, I’m sure they will get it formatted from a nearby mobile shop and use their own SIM. Then comes the role of Delhi Police, as soon as phone sends signals to any service provider’s tower nearby with my reported IMEI, the phone will get traced.

I already requested Google Device Manager (thankfully I activated it soon after it was launched this year) to wipe out the device, send me the phone location and make a loud sound when someone switches on my phone in it’s original state while being online. I doubt someone will connect to the internet when my phone and SIMs were locked with very secured key phrases.

Tips to secure a phone

By following the below tips, I’m sure the damages in case of a lost mobile could be minimized.

  • Activate Google Device Manager
  • Install Wheres my Droid application, which is already being used by 85K peoples right now.
  • Always keep in record of your IMEI numbers (You can get it by dialing *#06# )
  • Make manual complete backups of your smartphone on regular basis.
  • Always fully encrypt your phone and SD Card.
  • Enable PIN lock on your SIM
  • Use a strong password and set it to auto lock every 10 seconds when Idle.
  • Use Cloud Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive.
  • Enable google syncing with Gmail, Contacts, Calendar and Settings
  • Use Auto-uploads feature of Google+, Dropbox, Flickr applications.
  • Use auto backup applications like Titanium Backup Pro, Helium, MyBackupPro, Carbon or Nandroid to auto backup to cloud.
  • Use SMS Backup + or SMS Backup & Restore to backup SMSes and Call logs to cloud.

Godrej e-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe: User Instructions


I am posting below the contents of the user instructions booklet which I found nowhere on the Godrej Security Solutions Website. I hope this would help anyone who misplaced their booklet like i did.

Attractive design, suitable for use in hotels, apartments, offices and homes, utilizing a proven and reliable digital operating system.


1. Display
2. Keypad
3. Override Re-set Keys
4. Motorized Steel Bolts
5. Battery Compartment
6. Phillips Screw for cover removal
7. Allen Wrench for Override Key access
8. MFG. Serial Number sticker
9. Override Keys
10. USB Port
11. Enabled with Internal Charging Facility.

Testing and replacing the batteries

Test battery level:

Battery level can be tested either with the door open or with the door closed and locked.

  1.  With door open: Press any number and then LOCK key. Display will show “bA- HI” or “bA- LO”. bA-LO means that you need to replace the batteries. This condition applies to both modes (Home mode & Hotel mode).
  2.  With the door locked: Press LOCK key. The display will show “bA- HI” or “bA-LO”. bA-LO means that you need to replace the batteries.

How to replace the batteries

  1.  Open the safe using your personal code or master code or, if the batteries are dead use Emergency Override key.
  2.  Remove the battery cover on the back panel by unscrewing the Phillips screw.
  3.  Remove the used 4 batteries.
  4.  Replace the batteries with 4 AA size alkaline batteries.
  5.  Replace the battery cover.
  6.  Dispose the used batteries an environment friendly way.
  7.  Replace the Phillips screw to secure the battery cover.
  8.  Keeping the door open, test the safe to make sure it works.

Hot keys – viewing/not viewing password while keying in:

If your lock Is set so that your code appears and you need it to not appear one time, you can press (0) then LOCK key before your code. Only dashes will appear for that one time. The next time you press your code it will appear as usual.

Likewise, if your lock is set up so that your code does not appear, you can press 9 then LOCK key before your code and your code will appear for that one time only.

This function applies to both modes (Home mode & Hotel mode).

To access the programming

  •  Unlock the safe.
  •  Press CLEAR key twice, the display will show “PROG”.
  •  Press 751019 while the word “PROG” is still on the display.
  •  The current setup will appear with the 1st digit flashing.
  •  All 6 sections must, be entered within 10 seconds. You can change all sections or as few as one section but all 6 sections must be entered if you are making any changes to section 1 -6. To keep a section programmed as it is currently set, simply press the same numbers that is currently displayed for that section.
  •  The display will show the date setup. Press the correct date then press LOCK key.
  •  The display will show the setup. Press the correct time then press LOCK key.
  •  The display will turn off.
  •  Press your code and LOCK key to activate the changes and lock the safe.

To set up the different features listed below, you must first decide how you want the safe to function.

Section 1 (digit of first display)

Code appearance on display

Press 0: If you DO NOT want your code to appear on the display (only dashes will appear) with beep sound when you press each key button.

Press 1: If you want your code to appear each time you press your code and then will flash your code for verification one time with beep sound when you press each key button.

Press 2: If you want your code to appear each time you press your code, with beep sound when you press each digit, with beep sound when you press each key button.

Section 2 (2nd digit): Preferred number of digits in your code

Press 3: To use a 3-digit code.

Press 4: To use a 4-digit code (Recommended & Default one under hotel & home mode).

Press 5: To use a 5-digit code.

Press 6: To use.a 6-digit code.

Press 7: To choose the length of code (3-6 digits) when you set the code.

Section 3 (3rd digit): Lockout delay

If the wrong code is entered 4 times in a row, the keypad will shut down for a length of time that you set.

This is to deter someone from opening your safe by trying random number. You must pick one of these three options:

Press 0: For no lockout delay

Press 1: For a 15 minute delay. (Recommended & Default one under hotel & home mode)

Press 2: For a 30 minute delay.

Section4 (4th digit): Master Code

The Master code will open the safe if you lose the code and Override Keys. The master code is preset at the factory.

Press 2: To turn OFF the master code feature.

Press 3: to turn ON the master code feature.

Section 5 (5th digit): Audit trial

Press 0: To only keep record of the openings.

Press 1: To only keep record of the openings & closings.

Section 6 (6th digit): Operational mode

This feature allows you to change how the safe operates, either for home mode or hotel mode. Press 0: To set for home mode.

Press 1: To set for hotel mode.


Mounting through the bottom of the safe:

  • Check the floor for what type it is. (wood, tile, concrete)
  • Get the appropriate anchors for the type of floor you have.
  •  Check location on the floor for concealed wires or pipes.
  • Mark the floor to drill for your anchor.
  •  Drill the appropriate size hole for the anchors you have.
  • Mount the safe, making sure it is secure.
  • For mounting to the top of a cabinet you may want to use carriage bolts through the top of the cabinet.
  •  DO NOT mount to a shelf in a cabinet or closet without anchoring to the wall behind the safe!

Mounting through the back of the safe:

  • Check the wall or cabinet for structural soundness.
  •  For safety, have someone help to hold the safe during mounting.
  •  Check location for concealed wires or pipes.
  •  Mark the surface to drill holes for the anchors you will be using.
  •  Drill the appropriate size holes for the anchors you are using.
  •  Having someone hold the unit, anchor the safe to the wall.
    •  Test the strength of the mounted safe so it will not fall off of the wall or cabinet.
    •  DO NOT place safe on a shelf without proper mounting into a wall.

Mounting Tips:

  •  The safe may be mounted to a wall or the inside of a cabinet or on the floor.
  • When mounting to a wall or cabinet, be sure of the load bearing so as to hold the weight of the safe and the contents.

(Failure to do so could result in the safe falling and damaging property and people.)

Opening instructions

  •  The safe comes set to the factory default code of 1234.
  • Press 1234 and the display will show “-OPEN-” then when fully unlocked will show “OPENED”.
  •  To close the door, press the LOCK. The display will show “CLOSE-” then when fully locked, will show “CLOSED”. If the display shows “ERROR” then refer section on error codes.

To change the Master Code

  • Open the safe.
  • Press CLEAR key twice, the screen will read “PROG”, then key in the original master code (factory preset is 800000), the LED display will read “NEU”
  • Key in the combination of 6 digit code you desire, the LED display will read “AGAIN”, then enter again the new master code and “LOCK” keyto confirm.
  • The LED display shows “DONE”, the new master code has been set up successfully.

To change your Personal Code

For Hotel Mode:

  •  Open the safe.
  • Press your new 3-6 digit code followed by the LOCK key the display will show “CLOSE” followed by “CLOSED” when the door is fully locked.
  •  Test your new settings by opening the safe.
  •  If you get error code then follow the directions for opening the safe with the Override Keys.

For Home Mode:

  •  Open the safe. Press CLEAR key twice.
  •  Press Key 6 & then key 8 followed by LOCK key. The display will show” N EU”.
  •  Press your new code (3-6 digits, depending on setup)
  •  Press LOCK key and the safe will lock.
  •  Test your new code by opening the safe.
  •  If you get an error code then follow the direction for resetting the safe with the Override Keys.

Closing the safe

Hotel Mode:

  •  Press your new code (3-6 digits).
  •  Press LOCK key and the safe will lock.

Home Mode:

  •  Press LOCK key and the display will show “CLOSE” followed by “CLOSED” when the bolts are fully locked.
  •  If you get any other message on the display, please referto the section on Error Code.

Charging your Laptop

  • Enabled with an in-built charging point on the right hand corner, to conveniently charge the laptop.

To run Audit trial

For hotel mode – To know the record of how many times the safe has been opened/ to retrieve last used passwords.

  • Unlock the safe.
  • Press CLEAR key twice. The display will show “PROG”.
  • Press 770626.The display will show the latest record.
  • To advance to the next display press LOCK key.
  • To go to a specific record number, press the record number during the first display (i.e.001).
  • To exit out of audit trail, just wait 2 minutes and the display will go blank.

Opening the Safe using the Override Keys:

  • Using the supplied Allen wrench, unscrew one of the screws     holding the   Godrej     name plate on the front of the safe and rotate to exposed the key cylinder.
  • Take one of the Override Keys and insert it into the cylinder and turns clockwise         to open the Safe, then turn the Key back to locked position and remove it.
  • Press the LOCK key within 15 sec, the bolts will be retracted.
  • If you need to change the batteries do so now.
  • If you need to change / reset your code.

Error Messages

Listed below are error codes you might encounter:

HOLD 15 indicates that the wrong code has been pressed 4 times in a row. You will not be able to open your safe for 15 minutes, (pressing any button during this time will show how many minutes are remaining).

ERROR indicates that the wrong code was pressed. Check your code and try again.

ERROR1 indicates that the bolts failed to retract fully to allow the door to open. Press in ON the door to relieve the pressure and try to open the door again. If you continuously get this error code then you will need to contact your distributor or company for service.

ERROR2 indicates that the bolts have failed to close fully. This is usually because the safe is too full. Redistribute the contents or remove something to allow the door to close completely. If you continually get this message even if the safe is empty then you will need to call your distributor or company.